Big Baby in Paris


“Little is known about the orphan baby, apart that it was made in 1973 and that it resided on top of a gas station for years.” Made me look!

(via nevver)

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  1. Several things to note from this image:

    1. Note the bulging abdomen. He ate the bicyclist.

    2. The authentic battle damage is from when it battled Sagmeister’s legion of giant white inflatable monkeys.

    3. He is a Bond villain. Notice that he is petting an invisible villain-lap-cat, and the iconic dark pupils.

  2. where is this?

  3. their address is 1 rue Charlemagne, on the corner of rue St Paul in the Marais, where the Gargantua dish store used to be.

  4. I found this image having a search on Eric Tabuchi’s Roas Site photography series. Watch it out: Pic 4 in the serie: