Bunny. I love you.


I am completely in love with this serious Bunny. What is he about to say? Photograph by Sharon Montrose.

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  1. hahah this is a hilarious bunny.

    He’s got some attitude to him.

  2. serious bunny is not to be messed with, he won’t take your shenanigans.

    i love the baby deer! i’ve seen that maccaw print in a magazine i believe. spectacular.

  3. This bunny has me taking a personal inventory. He has that silent “you know what you did” look about him. I love it! Thanks for posting this.

  4. I disapprove! Harrumph!

  5. bunnitude!

    yes, that’s some serious disapproval there!! For more, check out this site:

    Rabs rule!!!


  6. Beware. He could be a killer rabbit, like the one on “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”.

  7. “à croquer”

  8. I love this- he looks like he’s smelled something funny.

  9. What part of no did you not understand.