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Craig Frazier

For the next year or so, Craig Frazier will post a new drawing every week in desperate need of a caption. Craig invites you to write the words that you think belong to that drawing. Please submit a line no more than 30 words in length by that friday 5pm. Every week’s submission will be judged by an editorial review board of one and the winner will be posted the following week and remain forever in the book. As a reward you will receive credit, including your website, if you wish, and a copy of DraWords when it is finished.

I love this. Go check it out:

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  1. Sounds like a fun project – thanks for the post and the hook-up – I just posted my submitted my first caption for No 6.

    Very cool to see the Mosso moving box on the mast of the old site – I’m lucky to be working with the smart and hip folks over at both Mosso and Rackspace.