Apple/AIGA Talk: Thank you for coming out.

Design Remixed with Tina Roth Eisenberg

A big thank you to all my loyal swissmiss readers that came out to my AIGA/Apple talk last week. According to the organizers it was the biggest Design Remixed turnout they’ve ever had. Hooray! If you were there, let me know your thoughts: Was there anything you wanted to ask but didn’t? I’d love to hear your feedback in how I can improve the presentation for another time?

Also, if you took pictures of the event, would you mind to add them to our flickr pool? Thank you so much!

For all of those of you who emailed me about possibly seeing a video of this event, I am sorry to say that I wasn’t allowed to tape it. (Which still makes me scratch my head. If I was Apple or AIGA I would film these talks and put them on the web. What a lost opportunity, no?)

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  1. I agree that AIGA and Apple should be filming and posting these events. Absolutely a missed opportunity for both organizations, especially AIGA who could benefit from greater awareness outside their core demographic.

    I have found some great presentations on that I often reference. Would you be willing to post the presentation you gave?

  2. There was someone standing next to me recording the event via the web cam in his macbook pro!

  3. Thanks for a great talk, Tina, and thanks for your suggestions, Tina and John. AIGA/NY has wanted to podcast this wonderful free series for a long time. While some events at the Apple Store are filmed or recorded, Apple tells us this is impossible in our case for legal reasons. (In fact, we’ve previously been asked to refrain from taking photos, but I’m glad you’ve posted a few so people are tempted to come and check out our next talk.)

    We are so thankful to Apple for inviting us to use their space month after month and our members have become passionate about these outstanding free events.

    It is AIGA/NY’s mission to stimulate thinking about design in whatever way we can. We are currently in the process of partnering with a podcasting sponsor and look forward to bringing everyone selected AIGA/NY events via podcast in the future. Stay tuned.

    And thanks again for being a part of the series, Tina!

    Rob Giampietro
    Vice President, AIGA/NY
    Co-Chair of Design Remixed

  4. @dan – Ha, yeah that was me sweating from the battery sauna AKA fatblood (with the macbook cam going) • my tiny live design / tech show, I was streaming it to my design crew, we twitted it to a few others, but I sadly had a bad view and I didn’t have time to set up my mic or handheld isight would have been a bad record, sry I should have fought my way up to the front.

    If any one ever needs or want some one to go to document a design or art lecture (if i have the time) let me know • I’ll go I love them all.

  5. Rob, Thanks so much for your comment. (And thank you again for the opportunity to present) I hope AIGA will be able to turn the podcast plans into reality. It would be such a wonderful way to share these events with a truly global audience.

  6. When it comes to blogging are your writing skills just as important as your design? I only ask as a designer I definitely lack the journalistic skills to write a great article. any suggestions? or do we just run by the seat of our pant?

  7. William, I wouldn’t dare to consider myself a good writer. As you might have noticed, I tend to write very short posts. I let the imagery speak for itself. :)

  8. We can’t do that for legal reasons” is one of those catch all phrases that usually means either of a) We can’t be bothered or b) we haven’t worked out how to make any money out of it yet. Rarely is it really legal reasons. I’m surprised at Apple. But then, I shouldn’t be, they close off so many other avenues of cash generation, don’t they?

  9. @fifthDecade
    I think it maybe about image and photo release legalities, if anyone in the crowd or randomly pulled onto the stage and they picked there nose and was filmed without permission they could ask for the image or video to be pulled down, and or if they choose take some sort of legal action AKA ceases and assist or worse. but most people don’t mind it all depends on what is being film. you probably right though its probably a catch all for the apple store.

  10. Tina, it was awesome!!! I posted about it on my blog:

    I will put photos on the flickr pool later for sure!!

    THANK YOU for a wonderful presentation!

  11. Maybe there wasn’t a way to video the event in real time, but you could record yourself giving the talk in your studio or perhaps there’s enough interest for another event… one that would be recorded. Either way, the world is curious to hear what you had to say! :-)

  12. Thanks Tina for your great presentation. As a new blogger, i found your talk very inspiring and informative.

  13. Tina:

    Thank you for the great talk. I have never done any blogging but, after seeing the fun you have with yours, I am working on learning and setting up my own. I always thought I had to “do it right” or know how. Your letting us know how you started gave me freedom to create what will be meaningful for myself.

    I agree, you should give the talk again and have it recorded, maybe in your wonderful studio.

  14. How about putting your slides up on Slideshare or something. People like me in far away places like Mmbai will then be able to look them up and learn