MusicBrainz: a user-maintained community music metadatabase

Do you have untitled songs in your iTunes Library and you don’t know who the artist is? Musicbrainz can automatically identify and label your music files — all you have to do is download and run a MusicBrainz enabled tagger. So, it’s Shazam for your computer?! Whee!

(via twittering joshspear)

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  1. i can´t get in the site, ¿anybody can help me?

  2. I care…

    I remember Musicbrainz from way back when Napster was still cool. Glad it’s still around.

  3. who cares?!? are you kidding?
    if you have an iTunes library full of homemade mix CDs at at least 100+ different Track 1s, Track 2s, Track 3s, etc…you definitely care! Can’t wait to clean up my library.