Anyone remember Elliot?

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  1. I do! Thanks for that bit of childhood. That scene where he heats up the apple is one of my first memories. My parents bought me the soundtrack on record and I played it on a toy record player at the wee age of 4.

  2. Yea! I love Elliot! The first word that I learned in German was actually ‘Schmunzelmonster’! Thank you for this, it definitely made me smile this morning.

  3. Like it was yesterday. My Dad also was a hilarious Eliot Immitator!

  4. I truly love the stuff you dig out from our Seventies childhood. Thanks for that! I show them to my six year old sun – and he gives me back a look saying “you are so not cool”.

  5. This was my favorite film for a long time growing up.

    Something about a kid befriending a dragon just turns me green with envy. (I guess I still want a dragon friend!)

  6. I had totally forgotten about Elliot! Thank you for reminding me of this wonderful film *sigh*

  7. Awww, It used to be my favourite movie when I was a child … Thanks for the video !

  8. und als schweizerin kannst du dich sicher auch noch an grisu erinnern!?
    “ich will feuerwehrmann werden!!!” ;)

  9. great movie!!!! thanx for it !! greetings from México

  10. Every time I eat a rosy apple I think of this scene. They just made it look so good!!

  11. Of course…from Passamaquoddy!

  12. One of my fave Disney movies of all time.

  13. loved this movie as a child, but don’t know if i ever saw the entire film back then. It was the magic key to get me to fall asleep. Any time my parents wanted me to take a nap, they could pop that in and i would be out cold soon.

    My mom was cleaning things out and brought me the VHS recently

  14. Boy, I must have had a cassette of it at the time … haha, I can clearly remember the dialogue & Ellito’s “schmunzling” … haha …

    Thanks for sharing, made my day!

  15. Oh man, I had almost forgotten about this movie! It used to be one of my favorites!! Thanks for posting this – it really made me smile.

  16. Haha, ich cha mich errinere, wie ich de Film immer wieder gluegt han als chind. Uy uy uy, isch eine vo mine liebligs Film gsii.

    Merci :)

  17. Elliot das Schmunzelmonster. Oooooh Herrlich! Danke Danke!!
    Heute ist der Kindheitserinnerungstag… Habe vorhin eine Alte Folge der Curiosity-Show ausgegraben. Man o man… :)

  18. Oh my God! I LOVED that movie! What a great reminder!

  19. I loved this movie growing up!! Thanks for the memory!

  20. This movie had such an impact on me. We came into NYC to see it at the Ziegfeld and I remember seeing the art deco medallions on the side of Radio City Music Hall. I decided two things that day– I would live in NYC and do art. Amazing!!!! Two such important things in my life because of Elliot!!

  21. wow. that unlocked a deeply forgotten chest of old musty memories…

  22. He has the head of a camel, the neck of a crocodile…

    – It sounds rather strange…

    He’s both a fish and a mammal, and I hope he’ll never change.
    ‘Cause it’s not easy, to find someone who cares

    – It’s not easy to find magic in pairs.

    I’m glad I found him, I love him, I won’t let him get away
    ‘Cause it’s not easy.

    – You say the head of a camel, the neck of a crocodile?

    And the ears of a cow!

    – It’s clear that friends can be different. Yes, I understand you now.

    It’s not easy to find someone who cares
    It’s not easy to find magic in pairs

    – Now that you have him, hold him, treasure him from day to day.
    It’s so easy. Life is lollipops and raindrops with the one you love.
    Someone you can always be with, argue and agree with…

    Climb the highest tree with!

    It’s not easy to share somebody’s dream
    It gets easy, when you work as a team

    – You’ve got to tend it, fan it…

    That’s what I plan to do.
    Oh, I had one friend by my side…. now I have two… him and you…

    – Him and me…

    And it’s so easy.

    AH. Deep joy – one of my favourite songs of all time.

  23. Wahoo … long time ago
    I think I have an original film of this in 8mm format somewhere.

  24. Elliot was my imaginary/invisible friend when I was a child.

  25. Omgosh that was such a blast from the past! I watched that every vacation with my big brother, my parents probably have it in storage on vhs! thanks so much for posting it!

  26. Thank you for reminding me of this!!

  27. I record it some times ago on faucetPVR… rock yeah!

  28. oooh, mein erster kinofilm.

  29. Whoa. As soon as the music kicked on it was like I was squatted in front of the TV as a kid. Memories from way back in the way back.

  30. I am still amazed at how good the effects look in this film. Landmark moviemaking.