Oh, you wonderful paper cup, you!

Bonita Diner Mug

Suzanne just walked into our studio with this wonderful paper cup in her hands. It had me jump off my chair and snap photos. Oh, Bonita Diner, could you please open up a branch here in D.U.M.B.O so that I can walk around with these awesome typographic paper cups as well? (Or I’d be happy to design a similarly beautiful cup for any of the delis or cafes in the area!)

UPDATE: Cup was designed by Derick Holt.

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  1. would you design one for our new beer hall in fort greene?

  2. I had lunch at bonita on bedford ave one year ago, and the flyer from the restaurant is still my bookmark.

  3. Oh, I like this.

    And “Bonita” means “pretty” in Portuguese.
    It makes me like this even more.

    (Since Portuguese has no neuter grammatical gender, “Bonita” is used for women and female substantives only and “bonito” is for men/male)

  4. I really like your website and if you would like I will send you a stack of my paper cups for you to walk around with.

  5. I am the designer of the said coffee cup. Thanks for the praise.

  6. so many coffee cups just list the restaurant name… i love that “coffee” is the priority here, with larger pt size than “bonita” and the copy choice of using “with” is just brilliant. (not to mention font choice itself.) it just would not have been the same if coffee hadn’t been the priority followed by “with bonita”, like they’re a familiar friend.

    i live right next to atlas and lodge, and seriously considered walking the extra distance to bonita just for this cup. SO inviting!