Status update business card


Designed by Kim Bost and printed by Kyle Van Horn.

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  1. haah that’s great and memorable.

  2. Panic! There’s not enough room for 140 characters!

  3. Wahaha, this is awesome! :)

  4. Nice. :-) Anyone happen to know what typeface that is?

  5. Certainly not Helvetica. I love this typeface and would like to know as well.

  6. Great card.
    Font is Klavika from Process Type Foundry

  7. Incidently, Klavika is the typeface used for the Facebook logo.

  8. Thanks for the typeface info!

  9. yeah, Rolf – just noticed that today myself…

  10. Lately I’ve been thinking that Klavika is like the rough and tumble, space adventuring older brother of Meta. Where Meta is the introspective, PhD learned type.

  11. gosh i love letterpress. i want to touch it!