Tonight: swissmiss speaking at the Apple Soho Store


I am thrilled to be speaking at wednesday’s todays AIGA/Apple “Pro Sessions: Design Remixed” here in NYC . What an honor! I’ll be tracing my path from the swiss alps and talking about swissmiss, the blog. So excited!

Wednesday 11 February 2009
Apple Store, Soho
103 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012

Admission: These events are free to all. Seating is available on a first come basis. No advance registration is necessary.

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  1. Yay! I’ll see you there! :-)

  2. just marked it in my calendar, looking forward to what you have to say tina.

  3. Congratulations! I will try to make it!

  4. I think the unpacking ceremony/tradition/culture and different aspects of the experience of the actual unpacking of a newly bought product. Kinda the stuff you talked about during the last CM. That’s one thing I would be interested in listening and speaking about, in a session with you and like-minded!

    Good luck!

  5. Congratulations. If i was in the area I would be there.

  6. Tina, the new site looks just super! Many congratulations on the site redesign and speaking at the apple store.
    you rock!

  7. Very cool! Would love to know how that goes.

  8. Wish I could be there! Good luck!!!

  9. hey come up to Palisades Center…I would love to see ya!

  10. wow, awesome! I’ll be there!! :)

  11. Looking forward to it!

  12. good luck! would love to be there!

  13. I call shotgun/virtual-Skype-guest!

    Congratulations and have fun!

  14. yes yes – would LOVE to be there.
    i’ll try to arrange for you to come to the Apple store in Canada!
    Best of luck tommorrow Tina!

  15. Wait, what are you speaking about exactly? I might just have to cut out of work early to take a listen.

    SIDE NOTE: I love the new layout of the commenting in particular. Really well done. So clean yet unique, the whole thing…

  16. That’s great, Congratulations! Next time you come to Switzerland, don’t forget to stop at the Geneva Apple Store, we miss people like you.

  17. Hi Tina,

    Thanks for introducing yourself to us fellow designers tonight at Apple Soho. I love your aesthetic for finding the whimsy, beauty and grace in life. Your energy and zest is absolutely infectious and now you have me hooked!



  18. wonderful talk tonight – thought provoking & articulate. I appreciate your work & attitude!

  19. I just heard you speak and i think you’re AMAZING and very inspirational!!!

    Thank you!

  20. Brilliant job tonight at the Apple Store.
    Everyday design takes on such a distinct meaning depending on the context of the society you’re in. I’m dying to visit Switzerland now!

  21. Your presentation was so interesting and inspiring! Thank you for taking the time to speak tonight.

  22. Great speech tonight Tina. It’s so nice to see other people who have enthusiasm for clean swiss design like I do.

    I’ve become a huge fan of your blog. Thanks again for sharing.

    Danke und Grüß.

  23. I had to miss it. Any chance it was recorded for posterity and could be shared?

  24. Grüezi Tina, I also would love to see it. On Youtube, perhaps.
    merci vilmals,

  25. Great presentation!

  26. Thank you for all your comments. Unfortuantely I was not allowed to film the talk. I am sorry! I would have loved to share it with you.