Chalkboard Bikes


Sharon Montrose, the animal photographer, came home from the gym last week to discover that her husband had sketched bicycles all over their chalkboard. I agree with Joanna: I wish it were a poster! (And hey, what a cool husband?)

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  1. Hi Tina, just a general question. Where do i get to see swissmiss portfolio?

    I alredy thank you.

    From a brazillian follower,


  2. I am working on the integrated studio site which will appear as another tab on the top of the page. But until then, you can see a selection of my work at

  3. Very nice. These would make a good poster. Where is the double or triple seated bike? that’s all that it’s missing.

  4. this is so so lovely!

  5. The detail shots on Sharon’s site are awesome. I’m going to go put something charming on my blackboard now.

  6. this is marvelous.

    auch: love your new look…streamlined grace kelly gorgeous + red & white: beautiful job.

  7. Tina,

    Nice re-design. Years ago we used chalk board paint on our kitchen wall so our son could draw to his hearts content. It was hard to erase some of his creations.

  8. love the redesign. also, sharon says her husband is now thinking of making it into a poster, yahoo!

  9. not exactly linked with this particular subject but i really miss the looong list of web link you had before, just at the left here… was my best reminder for lot of great ideas….