Was Shepard Fairey Arrested To Embarrass The Mayor Of Boston?


Was Shepard Fairey Arrested To Embarrass The Mayor Of Boston? – A First Hand Account. Wooster Collective has the story.

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  1. I suddenly do not miss my hometown.

  2. he should have been arrested for being a plagiarist. pushing the definition of creative license rather far.


  3. These are the kinds of things I think about after watching The Wire. haha.

  4. Living in Boston can be really weird sometimes (I moved from Philly a few years ago). It can be seriously parochial at times, but it offers a lot for a city of its size.

    When things like this happen it makes the city seem like a little colloquial burg and it just makes me shake my head.

  5. I live in Boston, and I was at the opening and thought at first that maybe Sheppard was out doing some graffiti on the world trade center building next door, for publicity, which seemed like what the other people around me thought as well. Then the next day we found out the arrest was on old charges. Then it was unclear, and now this first hand account actually sounds like the most plausible explanation considering the Boston Police and their reputation. Interesting and totally believable.

  6. Rob, i don’t think that he shuold be arrested for being a plagarist. YOu should be arrested for being terrible. I just read this supertouch article about that link you posted.