Ye Rin Mok | Photographer


Photography by Ye Rin Mok.

(thank you red)

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  1. I met Ye Rin years ago by email somehow and ended up with a print by her in my living room. She is champs!

  2. Surprisingly interesting photo.
    I wonder what the flavors are.

  3. Interesting tidbit, her photography was featured in the film Hard Candy with Ellen Page.

  4. I LOVE her work.
    She’s tops.

  5. Love her work SO much! I found her by chance working on a book cover a couple of years ago.

  6. this is a place in LA called scoops…that guy is an amazing success story…when he opened up we felt bad for him because its this tiny place in the middle of nowhere, and he turned it into a cult success…very smart business man

  7. Ha! I’ve been here. Their ice cream is amazing! I’m gonna have to overnight you some swissmiss!