5kg Doorstop


For when you need to keep the door open in a hurricane, this doorstop will act as the ultimate gentleman. Just make sure you don’t stub your toe, or your leg.

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  1. Wow – too bad it’s so expensive. I’d buy it to keep Oskar from locking himself in the bathroom!

  2. Too bad it’s Arial and not Akzidenz Grotesk…

  3. I have come up with a cheap solution of my own 5kg door stop. I took a 4 liter clear water bottle, removed the stickers and filled with sand from my local beach. Works a charm and I have a little of beach in the office.

    Where do you use it I hear you? We have a balcony door that keept getting blown shut by the wind…

  4. that’s not arial.

  5. Reminds me of a large, inverted Scrabble piece…