I couldn’t agree more:


(Seen this morning on Smith Street, Brooklyn, on my way to the subway)

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  1. As a news man I have to disagree, respectfully. It’s not the news that makes us feel bad, it’s the people in the news. We need more and better news.

  2. We could use more music, more culture, more free thinkers – people that won’t just believe anything that they are told, and will seek out different views and perhaps better answers.

    In that context, yes, more music, less news.

  3. odd i saw the same thing at an apparel store in ridgewood, NJ. Some viral marketing campaign?

  4. absolutely agree!! i love it!

  5. “I couldn’t agree more” Well, maybe in your happy world.

    Don’t worry. We’ll let you know when the planes are coming in again.

  6. that’s it.

    is it possible to get this photo in a higher resolution?

  7. I think there is loads of Good News out there. It just isn’t getting reported like the train-wreck-disaster-fearbased stuff. Personally, I think that reading this little report of our Smith St. friend’s window display is very intriguing news. Thus, I am here vs. watching CNN.
    Oh, and used to live in Cobble Hill….missing Smith st.
    Thanks for posting this!

  8. News is for lusers lol.

  9. It’s no viral campaign, just a plain old normal campaign for Lucky Brand Jeans (<3):


  10. Rubbish. A message saying “Turn off news” isn’t even slightly ‘cool’ or ‘funny’ in my opinion. As if we should encourage the young generation to care even less about what’s going on in the world and listen to more music. I’m all for music, but this is just stupid.

  11. Yeah I couldn’t agree more ….

    Sure there’s the total collapse of the global economy and the bankers are stealing trillions from us, and we’re ramping up for another war or two, but tune all that out and turn up the radio because 2009 is the summer to buy funky jeans.

  12. Traditional news media are so done, with all of the sensational hyperbole and paranoid fear-mongering. Listen to the right music and you’ll end up just as informed and engaged. Probably more so.