About to meet…

André da Loba. Thank you internet(s).


UPDATE: I had the most wonderful conversation with André. He came in with his ‘treasure chest’ (portfolio) and blew me away. His art is refreshing, surprising and whimsical. His talent abundant. He has a story that goes with each piece, which I completely love. I spent the rest of the day telling everyone that crossed my path how inspired I was by André. The best of it all: We decided to collaborate. I am thrilled.


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  1. That’s a good puzzle for Martina.

  2. Now that you have met him, isn’t he the sweetest? :)

  3. Great portuguese illustrator!

  4. Love it, there is some thing special about Red Shoes :)

  5. Meu queridíssimo André:
    Tu derretes qualquer coração…! Fico muito feliz por ti.
    Parabéns e boa sorte,

  6. mmmmmm

    i love see all the things in his treasure chest