Extreme Sheep | LED Art

Video made in the hills of Wales with sheep, LEDs and a camera, to create a huge amazing LED display. While I love the visual outcome of this experiment, I do feel for the sheep.

(via formfaktor / culturalfuel)

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  1. Thanks Tina, this is hilarious! If you’ve moved sheep before, I don’t think you’d feel too bad…

  2. Oh come on, it’s a viral… :)

  3. It’s animals…not nice!

  4. sucks to discover in the end it’s an ad…. a large part of my enjoyment came from empathizing with these guys from wales who do this in their spare time for the pure joy of it…. i;m sure they love it. but the fact that its just a TV ad makes the whole things just a bit less jolly…

  5. Farmers have the upmost respect for their animals.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the video. A good idea, implemented well.

  6. Simply brilliant.

  7. Absolutely fantastic. Those dogs are amazing.

  8. Still i prefer humans doing this kind of things… at least you know they did it beacuse they really wanted to!
    human tetris rules!

  9. Excellent, I’de like to see them pull off ” Space Invaders “

  10. Working DOG RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!