Blurry. Not blurry.


When the glasses are in the tray, the eye chart appears in focus. When the glasses are removed, it appears blurry. Concept by Fiona Carswell for an eyeglass tray using thermochromatic ink and a pressure sensor.

(via fab bblinks)

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  1. Nice, but utterly pointless, given that it’d effectively always be blurry …

  2. ahah that is awesome, i think it’ll make people wanna put their glasses in there just to giggle at it changing

  3. @Daniel – that is an excellent point.

    Regardless, it still makes me want one, if only because it would make it easier for me to find my glasses in the morning!

  4. isn’t this completely backwards?

    Wouldn’t the tray look blurry when your glasses are on it because then you are not wearing your glasses and therefor can’t see.

    Then when you put your glasses on (not on the tray) it would be clear since you can see it.

    Cute idea, but just logically backwards to me? Is it that tray that needs glasses to see correctly?

  5. What Josh said,

    is there anymore infomation about the technique used?
    The only thermochromatic ink i know changes the Color or becomes invisble via heat.

  6. that is awesome!! how funny.

  7. That is amazing. What i fun idea!
    Would be great to know more. Does it just work with a specific paier of glasses? or any object.

  8. Brilliant.

    Josh makes a good point, however.

  9. If you stick your head in the dish, would the letters be clearer ? Would it be better to keep your contacts in?