Cut Copy Dance


I am a pro at the Cut Copy Dance. Designed by Justin David Cox.

(thank you jon)

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  1. for the record, it’s justin david cox.

  2. I LOVE this! I just saw it this weekend over on

    Off topic, and forgive me, but do you know anything about how to get invites for yayeveryday????? thanks! I just know you’re up on things like that.

  3. I am a huge Cut Copy fan and a graphic designer and this poster is amazing!! Is there anyway I can get a copy? Buy it somewhere? from you? I would love to have one especially since I love and follow your blog!

  4. yes, it is Justin COX out of austin, texas — he’s got some other stuff on flickr if you’d like to see it. here’s a great animal collective poster:

  5. Kathryn, the Cut Copy poster is now for sale on the site.

  6. Oh this is just perfect!

  7. Great thanks! I’ll check it out.

  8. it seems like this fantastic poster is sold out??? will more come? i would really like to buy one…