GE Augments Reality

Watch and the give it ago at from GE. Wowsers.

(via formfiftyfive and paulo)

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  1. That just blew my mind!

  2. ummm, ridiculous! jaws dropping all over the studio this morning.

  3. Holy crap that’s amazing

  4. My co-worker was all “pattern recognition…3-D world…game technology..etc”.

    All I know is that I had to remember to close my jaw after watching that.

  5. Hopefully it works now. When it first came out, all kinds of errors popped up on a mac.

  6. Now that is what I call amazing.

  7. Web 4.0 is an understatement. Very cool stuff.

  8. incredible…


  10. Hello,
    That’s pretty nice.
    straight from Switzerland…there is a whole book using similar technology….great graphics developed by a student at the local art school in collaboration with the tech. school….
    Here is the link (scroll down to the video)

  11. Good to know that Ogilvy are a few steps behind some of us creatives ;-) As there’s been a several good Flash AR demos lying around for a while ( An AR toolkit (FLAR) is available for anyone who’d like to have a pop at creating their own AR scene. Check it:

  12. thats too cool for skool