If I Was a Robot.


Made me smile. (Who created this? Who can I give credit to?) Created by Alex Noriega, from Barcelona, Spain. A big thank you to my reader and commenter Bruce who tracked the originator of this sketch down.

I really wish bloggers would be more diligent in naming their sources and giving credit. (enter sigh here)

(via tim)

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  1. it shares teh same sense of humor as Mattias, but in not so vivid colors. :)

  2. I was going to say Tom Gauld too, although it doesn’t look like his lettering.

  3. His name is Alex Noriega, from Barcelona, Spain. I just tracked him down.

  4. Thank you so much Bruce!

  5. Is my (first) comment not visible..? I even linked him…

  6. this is fantastic

  7. Do we know if this was originally in Spanish? The use of the subjunctive is the same in both languages for this phrase as it is hypothetical.

    Assuming he is going for accuracy, the grammar in the illustration should be changed to if “I were a robot.” (http://www.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/were.html)

    Other than that, I thought it was a great illustration.

  8. robots are sooo 2005. oh well still cute.

  9. haha, supernice

  10. i highly doubt that the illustration is trying to be grammatically correct.

    It sounds much better as is. Even if it is incorrect grammatically.

    And if it bothers you just think about the far fetched thought of a robot actually dating a washing machine, inter “species” dating is usually a no no, and i doubt a cyborg (is he a cyborg?) like robo cop would put his differences aside and hang out with a full fledged robot… So if the grammar bothers you, just think about how it is an illustration and can be outlandish if it wants.

    and how are robots so 2005? I don’t see any robots walking around, so it seems a bit 20__ still… Yes a lot of people used robots in the past few years, but why does that mean no one can ever use robots again, or most always make the comment that robots were over used at one time.

    White Powdered wigs are soooo 1776, we shall never use them in anything ever again, especially comics and/or illustrations. They have to be 100% accurate, both grammatically and topically.

    Sorry, had to rant, hit a never.

  11. As a mad scientist-turned-graphic designer, I think this is a fantastic illustration. Brilliant. Absolute love.

  12. Thanks everyone!

    Alexandra: I´m not going for accuracy… I´m going for the laugh… also, I´m too far, far away from any english speaking country to really care. I´m already making the effort of “trying” to write in english so anyone can understand it… next time maybe I´ll be more shallow and ONLY write in spanish so no one complains about my grammar.



  13. I swear binary all the time already. I think I would also pick up smoking b/c robot lungs can handle it as seen here -> http://tinyurl.com/d3vytk

  14. Primero que nada, tengo que decir que el cartón está MUY guapo, pero…

    “Error: Malformed binary. Your binary code is must be divisible by 8.”

    I know he’s “going for the laugh”…..

    Still, it would be a nice little geekish detail if those 1’s and 0’s actually meant something. Like cojones, gilipollas, etc.

    Maybe my “humour” is way too geek.


  15. A modified version of “If I was a robot” is on shirt.woot.com today.

    The artist chose to correct his grammar to “If I were a robot I would breakdance all the time.”

    Congratulations, Alex; you did a great job!

  16. looked like tom gauld but it’s not.