Off to SXSW


I’ll be traveling to Austin, Texas tomorrow, to attend SXSW. Very excited. I am fully prepared and ready to play SXSW Bingo. I will make sure to twitter my encounters and experiences.

Texas, here I come…

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  1. I recomend you to watch “The Legendary Tiger Man”. I wish I could be there too!

  2. Please let us know how the premiere of Objectified is! (Assuming you go to the screening.)

  3. Maybe I am missing something, but what has SXSW got to do with design? It seems like everyone who spends their days blogging and twittering and otherwise recording every minute of their existence is there this year, regardless of what they actually do for a living. How did this go from being primarily a music industry event to being something for the entire herd of professional chatterers? And why is it that none of them are talking about that aspect of it? Is it not apparent from what has happened to Sundance (i.e., the movement from genuine film festival to extended opportunity for d-list celebrities to grab goodie bags) that this is probably not a positive development? Or does nothing matter anymore but momentum for its own sake?