Lab.Arc90 just launched Readability, a browser bookmarklet (sort of like a bookmark on steroids). Install it by visiting the Readability setup page.

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  1. Nice find. This is perfect for me. I just started using the NY Times Skimmer interface combined with Saft for Safari’s Full Screen mode and Readability makes for a much nicer full screen reading experience. Another nice thing is that the skimmer is fully navigable by keyboard and because Readability is the first link in my bookmark bar (the rest are folders), I can just hit Command-1 to switch views after selecting an article. The rest of my links are other bookmarklets so that makes for easily customizable hot-key activated web-page-related utilities.

    My next project is to hack up something like the Skimmer for all of my RSS feeds. And maybe combine it with Readability so all links open up in this format.

    BTW, Safari 4’s Top Sites looks great in full screen mode, but does anyone think in addition to Small/Medium/Large, they should have some left/right arrows that would rotate the virtual cylinder that the thumbnails are already on? That, and top site “categories” would be cool. So I could have a Top Site dashboard for work sites and one for personal sites at the very least.

    /rambling just cause all this stuff seems to have come together all at once…

  2. It’s something I can really use. Thanks :)

  3. Of all the words to misspell, “Readablity” (sic — the title of your post) is one of the best.
    It’s the Law of Inaccurasy all over again:
    Cool tool, BTW.

  4. does almost the same thing and comes with a nice iPhone app to sync your ‘saved pages’ and read them whenever you’ve some time to spare.

  5. Really useful… Where it truly works. :)
    Tnx very much.

  6. i do the same manually with using FireBug, nice

  7. absolutely awesome