Hudson River Landing Animation

Hudson River Landing Animation

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  1. Fascinating reconstruction. It’s amazing that, not matter how calm the pilot remains, his dialogue is still freighted with enormous drama. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, cool reconstruction of the flight, even with the birds and the talking of the pilots…

  3. That was very cool! Just watched with the kids! Thanks for sharing!
    I agree with the previous comment. It is amazing to hear the control tower guys just repeating calmly “lost both engines, copy”…

  4. I’m actually kinda surprised how long it took the control tower to listen to the pilot and hear that he was going into the Hudson.

  5. Wow, simply amazing how this sort of event could be reconstructed and shared. You can tell how professional everyone was, nice and calm amid a tough situation.

  6. The controller said in an interview that he asked the second time about where the pilot was heading because he simply was in shock at the idea.

  7. A Dutch comedian collective made this with the ‘original’ tapes :)

  8. that is a landing to be proud of….

  9. I have non stop chills. This was amazing… and they all remain soo calm… amazing… What a hero this pilot!

  10. What is truly remarkable and inspiring to witness in this terrific animation is how Captain Sully’s demeanor and poise is unflappable. His voice does not change from the time of take-off, to the crisis, his split-second decision-making, and throughout his miraculous landing on the Hudson River.
    I often listen to this for inspiration when beginning my day to realize that such a very same calm, cool and focused approach to life, no matter what, will ‘land’ us every time.
    He’s an extraordinary human being, role model, and yet, we all possess this same capacity in our human spirit for carrying out our ultimate potential in any crisis or situation. We simply just must ‘trust’ it.
    I am deeply grateful in my lifetime to have witnessed such a magnificent display of human capability as was so beautifully and perfectly carried out by this man and his crew.

  11. awesome!

  12. Wow real was that.