sound waveform bracelet


Made by a group called The Sound Advice Project, the sound waveform bracelet is intended as a way for parents to record an inspirational message, which is then custom-made into a piece of jewellery as a gift to a teenage child. The purpose is for the child to always have a visual reminder of the advice.

I agree with Ian, borderline cheesy idea, but very cool concept.

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  1. Borderline cheesy… really? I think it is elegant, well packaged and sleek.

  2. I think maybe ‘I believe in you’ is really cheesy, but the idea is very cool.

    I would make one that says, ‘don’t forget to rock out at all times and kick ass’

  3. I think the style is very cool but the sentiment is a little cheesy ;-)

  4. “I believe in you” looks symmetric. I’m surprised.

    Beautiful idea.

  5. This Brooklyn designer does a classier version. Cut metal rings and necklaces in the shape of your voice recorded saying whatever you want. I sent this idea to a friend and she’s having “I love you” recorded for her fiance’s wedding ring. You can also get a necklace of your own giggle.

  6. Excelent and very creative idea! It would be nice if it would have some device to make the waveform audible in a computer.