Wanted: Intern at swissmiss studio


I am looking for an intern to help me at the studio 2 or potentially 3 days a week. (Must be someone in the NYC area) Send me your online portfolio of sites you’ve worked on and tell me why you think you’d be a good addition to swissmiss studio. Email me at [email protected].

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  1. Please take a look at my stuff. I live in Long Island and would love love to work for you!!!

  2. I’d be your intern if it were only more print and identity work. Aside from blogs, I’m not very much of an online guy — Me working with code involves a lot screaming and cursing.

  3. Once I had a red suitcase, just like the ones you guys have. It was my first and favorite suitcase ever, had it for years, lived lots of places (army brat), red suitcase went everywhere with me. An icon. Retired it when I was 21. Silly me.

    If I still had that red suitcase, and I lived on my old coast (sniff; your coast), and I promised to make great coffee, and read Ella cool books…oh, never mind. Can’t do it. Must stay in California. But, lordy, wish I could…

    Best of luck, and best of interns to you. You guys deserve it. Go red suitcases, go!

  4. your blog is bringing me lots of inspiration. I just love your officespace !
    best of luck !

  5. Hi Miss, my name is Marco, I’m Italian, but living and working in Lungerm, Obwalden…CH. Instead of moving atoms why don’t just move bites?

    Why you are looking for a person who is living in NY? Please stop moving people for working :)

  6. Thank you for all the emails I’ve already received and the lovely comments. Unfortunately I can only take on someone that lives here in the NYC area and has a valid work or student visa.

  7. Wanted!
    someone to work for free with no benefits.
    Where does one sign up for such an offer.

    you are too generous. oh my!

  8. Can you kindly post the role r profile of the said intern?


  9. Ahh, how I wished I lived in New York. Its very nice of you to offer this for people though.

    In regards to jo blow’s comment though, I think its sad how many people are discouraged that many internships don’t offer monetary payment. To me, it seems wrong to get involved in design for monetary gain. Why would anyone want to do work JUST to get American money? It is so poorly designed…

    Anyway, I am thankful there are studios like yours who are willing to allow people to get experience working in the real design world.

  10. Love your site, love your wallpaper.