Balancing Rocks

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  1. It’s great that Bill Dan made it onto your Blog. You can see him all the time in Sausalito, CA, and in San Francisco, near Chrissy Field.

  2. No one does this sort of thing better in my opinion. Bill Dan has a rare gift. I stumbled upon him in real life near the Palace of Fine Arts and couldn’t believe it. He had boxes of snap shots people had taken of his balancing rocks you could just take what you like. I took three (I hope I paid something) and I have them blown up on my wall as a fantastic triptych.

    They are inspiring, calming, and centering to look at somehow.

  3. this is so funny – i was just doing this at the beach yesterday with my husband and son. not quite in the same gravity-defying why that bill dan is doing it, i must admit! balancing rocks is so meditative and calming to do, as well as to look at.

  4. There is another fellow named Sydne in Chicago who does rock balancing along the water.

    My dad and I had a short discussion with him once and he said he did this often outside of the La Rabida children hospital which is on the lake front because I brings some calm and balance to a place with a lot of worry.

    Here are some pictures of his work:

  5. Must be some universal urge about this kind of activity.

  6. I saw Bill in Sausalito, CA, and he is amazing, picks up a rock an makes it balance, never saw him put a rock back down he couldn’t balance!!!

  7. Woooow . . . this is Me – Bill Dan . . . . thank’s for the nice words [ Thanks Ken – long time no see ] . . .
    Check out more of My video work on – and some images on
    I also have a blog full of images send to Me from all over the World – – a lot of People are having fun Balancing Rocks.

    Rocks On – Bill Dan

  8. OMG O.o