Wooden Block Toy Animation

ShapeMaker is a set of 25 colourful, geometric design, hand printed, environmentally friendly, rubber wood blocks that can be excitingly arranged to create a menagerie of thousands of surprising creatures and tons of sparkling, imaginative, engaging images that guarantee to delight children from 4 yrs and upwards.

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  1. These are far and above the coolest wood blocks I’ve ever seen! $40 isn’t to bad but shipping to the states is an extra $22, a little rich for my none child having self but I would definitely pick them up if I had a little one. Ahh… I might just get them regardless.

  2. Unfortunately these blocks weigh in at 1.2 kgs and are being shipped from the UK. There are no shops in the states stocking them at present as they are very new. Hopefully this will change soon!

  3. I’ve bought them for my son who is still too young to play with them. So … now I have to play .) They’re really beautiful and have a very nice surface. Recommended.

  4. Any idea of who did the music?

  5. You can now get the blocks at The Wooden Wagon in the US: http://www.thewoodenwagon.com/p-gmg001.html