Lost and Found

Oliver Jeffer’s beautiful book Lost and Found has been turned into an animated movie, which I had the honor to see a few months ago at a screening in his Brooklyn studio. It’s a heart-warming story celebrating the value of friendship.

I have been itching to get my hands on it, so I can show it to our little EllaBella. One can now finally pre-order it! Yay!

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  1. One can pre-order it, at least if one has a DVD player that plays region 2.

  2. ooh, thank you for sharing this. it looks lovely. i just bought the book this week for a friend’s little one. i love Jeffers’ illustrations.

  3. I just pre-ordered this from the Amazon.co.uk site and only now I noticed that it is a Region 2 PAL DVD. Will this be playable on my macbook pro by any chance? I’m in Canada and I realize that us North Americans are Region 1. What to do??

  4. My nephew would love this. I love this!

  5. If there’s a penguin in it, my kids have to have it! :) Too bad it is not available in our format yet…

  6. Thank you whoever made this happen. Now just release it in NTSC and we’ll be the best of friends.

  7. Beautiful film. Ordered on Sunday and received it today. Fantastic animation, character design, and a moving, thought-provoking story for all ages. Well recommended!