Jack’s Life Lessons


Jack’s Life Lessons. My favorite: Allow endings

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  1. Amen to that!
    Love the amazing haircut – that was really unexpected:)
    Allow endings – favorite as well.

  2. my boyfriend and i broke up several weeks ago and #8 just sounds like something good to reflect on.

  3. Mine is 10, definitely.

  4. Getting 10 tomorrow. The rest sounds too good to be true : ) Would like to work/live/enjoy moments with someone like that…

  5. jacks got some pretty good points

  6. I wish I had a list..

  7. he lives in fairyland

  8. I’d Swap #3 for “demand the truth”

  9. Forgotten:
    Try to keep an open mind, but not so open my brains fall out.

  10. Have used this as the background for my work laptop and introduced it to many meetings’ worth of pharmaco middle management. They love it. And as a management consultant, I think every business (and individual) would benefit from a little more of #9.

    P.S. Looks sharp centered on a black background….but then again, I’m an economist, not an artist. :-)