FPO: For Print Only


Armin Vit and his wife Bryony have a new ‘baby’: FPO is a blog dedicated to both the visual stimulus and the detailing of the development and production of printed matter: Annual reports, books, business cards, stationery suites, collateral materials, posters, packaging and anything else where ink meets substrate.

The content of FPO will be gathered by submissions from readers as well as by the findings Armin and Bryony make online. They will do their best to show the most recent work produced, so that the blog doesn’t feel like you have seen everything before. Whenever possible they will have the full scope of production details and project overview but they will also post projects where we are unable to gather all that information when they think they are worth sharing despite the lack of minutia.

Wonderful Idea! Hat tip! FPO

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  1. another blog focused on the beauty of printed works is from Studio On Fire– http://www.beastpieces.com/.

    Letterpressed goodness and even project notes.

  2. OMG!!! This is amazing. i think this will help people get a better understanding of the actual costs associated with materializing their designs! Which is something many novice designer (like myself) let pass their mind and it ends up crushing them when they realized they cannot do what they want to!

  3. this is brilliant: thanks for sending us there…another delight, and work that is a joy to behold

  4. Wow… “There’s nothing like the smeel of ink on paper in the morning”. Great photography as well. Beastpiece lik rocks as well!

  5. Thanks for sharing this. Looks like a great resource for print design. I’ll definitely be bookmarking it for future reference.

  6. i have been searching for a blog like this for ages!! it’s so easy to find people covering web design on the web, but not print. thank you so much for sharing!

  7. FPO – For Print Only – is clever, but as as print designer I have to admit it triggers some gut-level panic.

    “For Print Only” would indicate to PRINT the item in question, when the traditional term “For POSITION Only” means to specifically NOT print that item.

    And I start having heart palpitations about the idea of an fpo item ending up on the final printed piece… It’s the stuff of nightmares that we all bend over backward to avoid, if we know what’s good for us!

    Just sayin.

  8. I’ve heard about this site from Armin himself but i wanted to tweet your site since you’ve been a really great inspiration for me as well. Thank you Swissmiss