swissmiss hearts GENEVA


Last week, I cam close to hugging the lovely chap that delivered and installed a GENEVA XL in our studio. I kept bouncing up and down, snapping pictures going YAY! I must have *so* annoyed the heck out of him.

We have now been using the XL for a good week and we give it a 12 thumbs up. (That’s how many thumbs are in this studio!) Even though it comes with built in radio and CD Player, we mostly stream Pandora stations from our iPhone’s all day long. The sound is fantastic and the piece is a beauty and a real conversation starter. Now, every morning when I enter the studio, I say hi to both our Ideapaint wall and our red little friend, the GENEVA XL! See all pictures of the unboxing here.

On a sidenote: GENEVA is having a contest where you can win one of their fantastic stereos:

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  1. Hey SwissMiss’s

    What Pandora Stations do you all play?

    Mark Ronson’s is my fav – good mix of funk/ hip-hop and soul..

    Anyways, love your blog, and would love a solid pandora recco or two.


  2. These work great with an Airport Express also.

  3. got the “GENEVA XL” link wrong…

  4. Their products are really fabulous.

  5. woooow!

    i love it, now i want one too!

    unfortunately in europe we don´t have acess to pandora radio…

  6. Pictures on flickr? Com’on swissmiss… you should upload a video on Youtube to show the power!

    It matches perfectly at your studio!