Ideapaint Wall and Open Studio


Two nights ago, we were part of an AIGA/NY organized Open Studio Tour here in DUMBO. We took the opportunity to break in our brandnew Ideapaint wall and asked everyone that stopped by to write/draw something on our giant Ideapaint (dry-erase) wall.

Ideapaint transforms any smooth surface into a dry-erase writing surface. I can’t remember anything that had me as giddy and excited about like this big giant whiteboard wall. I can’t wait to have a brainstorm meeting where everyon hovers around and draws and sketches! Oh, the possiblities!

Thanks for everyone that stopped by and helped us break in our wall! Check out the pictures of the event!

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  1. it could be interesting to take a weekly (or daily) shot of the wall to watch how it changes. though if you have top secret client work it might not be the best idea…

  2. wow, this is so cool! I’ve always loved chalkboard walls, and this gives the same freedom with a different look.

  3. great idea. any pictures of wall after a few cleanings? i’ve read it is difficult to wipe clean. any truth to that in your experience?

  4. Nice and all, but very, very expensive. Did you pay for it or did you get it for free for advertising it in your blog? If the latter, would you have bought it? If the former, would you buy it for you home?

  5. @ckd: No, I didn’t buy it. The generous GENEVA peeps loaned it to us for the open studio and they haven’t taken it back yet. (YAY!) And yes, I absolutely would buy it. To be honest, there’s NO way we’ll give it back. We are completely in love with it!

  6. could you please speak to the ability to wipe it clean after use? thanks.

  7. It was no problem at all to wipe it clean. It looks like right after they painted it.

  8. Have you tried to wipe it clean after leaving pen on it for a while? I’ve used a plastic based ‘sticks on wall using static’ solution called Magic Whiteboard but have found it hard to clean if you leave the pen on for a few days.