0 Star Hotel


Here’s some fun news from Switzerland, the part I grew up in: Null Stern Hotel is an invention by the Swiss twin brothers and concept artists Frank and Patrik Riklin from the Atelier für Sonderaufgaben (studio for special works) in St.-Gallen. World’s first Null Stern Hotel develops in cooperation with the commune of Teufen (canton Appenzell Outer Rhodes, Switzerland) as a full of relish amplification in the common Hotel bargain in form of an art installation. We are talking $9 Dollars a Night! Hat tip to the Riklin Brothers! I happen to know them and I am amazed how they keep coming up with good stuff.

(thank you sorella!)

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  1. I’ve seen worse. In fact, I’ve stayed in worse (worse looking, anyhow). At the risk of obnoxious stereotyping, I’m inclined to say the Swiss are too tidy to do this concept justice.