Open Bottle Here

Open Bottle here

I just spent the last 10minutes looking for the bottle opener. I think it’s time we get a Wall Mounted Bottle Opener. What a lovely, affordable gift!

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  1. Thanks! I bought one! Been needin’ one since the ol’ roommate married, moved out, and didn’t forget his bottle opener.

  2. Have you seen these: ?
    It’s called De-Cap n Catcher – I got one for my dad and brother for Christmas last year, and they love it. They work like a charm!

  3. ah… I did a 2 semester stint of construction engineering which included working on 2 weeks on a construction site… first thing I learnt was how to open a beer bottle with just about anything you can get your hands on…

    … about the only thing I learnt there :-)

  4. Similar to the previous comment… I used to open my bottles with the teeth on one of my keys, prying open the sides. It makes a good substitute when a regular opener can’t be found.

  5. Over my 73 years I can remember when many firms produced these wish I had saved a few !

  6. our student house came with one bilt in! its been painted over so many times you can hardly see it in the wall.

  7. I once stayed in a hotel in Sydney with one of these in the bathroom.

  8. one of the very few real design classics

  9. I JUST saw one of those yesterday at a music store of all places… of course it was a Fender brand bottle opener.