Playing For Change: Song Around the World “One Love”

Or view it on their actual site: PlayingForChange

(thank you billy)

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  1. I really love this idea and always love to hear Keb Mo sing.

  2. if you like transglobal collaborative music that challenges western views of the world (and you haven’t already) you simply must check out one giant leap’s stuff. see

  3. Thanks. Came at a time I needed it.

  4. I am in a good mood! Sitting in an office in a financial services firm always overhearing conversations on tax and wealth growth, risk analysis, MONEY and all that stuff I don’t really care for can get pretty deflating sometimes. That’s when something like this can really *unblue* the mood :)

    Thank you for posting this!

  5. this makes Tina Roth Eisenberg a designer of
    blog postings.
    an original

  6. Somebody watched Anderson Cooper, huh?

  7. Hi Tina – thank you very much for this hint, very refreshing music! Greetings from Teufen, Roland