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  1. heart…. warmed

  2. Loved it… sigh.

  3. Beauty lies in every corner…

  4. that was so great…beautifully put together!

  5. I watched this on youtube, and yes, it’s beautiful, making me believe there’s still hope for such a naive love.

    Anyway, love being here, Krista of recommended this blog to me :)

  6. Ladies and Gents, this is new school advertising. Subtle, content driven, high entertainment value … anyone notice the Schweppes product placement? Advertisers needs to entertain or provide something of value in this digital age if they want to remain relevant. Very sweet.

  7. thanks, started the day with a smile

  8. very very great movie! and yeah i noticed the schweppes ;)

  9. If brands are going to finance film-makers to make films that actually get us interested instead of paying annoying adds to bomb us with I’m happy with it. Everybody wins: The people who makes the movies, the brands and the customers. Frankly, I hope the future will be more like this.

  10. @ PixelRobot Totally agree. mmm … thirsty … I feel like having a Schweppes now … :P

  11. Beautiful! Made me smile :)

  12. Smiling, smiling, can’t stop smiling…

  13. This has disappeared from vimeo but it is still on you tube at

  14. I wonder why it was removed… it was an amazing video!

  15. I love your made me smile videos.
    sometimes they made my day : )

  16. @RJGNYC

    Vimeo is for uploading original content only, which was not the case here.

    If you want to watch it in High quality, the director has a .mov on his website:

  17. I loved it as wel. In The Netherlands we call it ‘De Gouden Leeuw’. I posted it on my advertising blog, with some comment:

  18. Too bad Schweppes taste totally different in US…..I can’t wait to have my real Schweppes in Hong Kong.

  19. I loved every minute! What a great video… sigh…

  20. I LOVE THIS!!! As stated above, I hope more companies jump on the art films as advertising wagon… that could be a trend I would get into…

    The only thing that annoys the hell out of me every time I watch that is that you can see the girls signs already written out on her desk… kills it a little bit…

  21. An error: the “take a photo” message appears on desk before she writes it.

  22. Noticed the Schweppes, too – which was the point where I thought “oh no, it’s a commercial and it’ll have some kind of boring product-promoting end…” – but it didn’t, thank god. By the end of the film i had forgotten about the Schweppes – and would have never put the two (brand and film) together. Beautiful, ineffective advertising ;-).

  23. made me smile :)

  24. I wouldn’t have noticed the Schweppes if I hadn’ t read the comments, but it was totally unbelievable that such a good-looking guy was so lonely. But, adorable.

  25. Made my day. Very sweet.