SpatialKey is an Information Visualization, Mapping, Analysis and Reporting System. It is designed to help organizations quickly assess location based information critical to their organizational goals, decision making processes and reporting requirements. (Ok, that ‘unlock your data’ slogan is just a tad bit too cheesy for my taste)

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  1. This is Very interesting. Another great use of all the available information/analytics that are at our fingertips. Thanks for posting!

  2. Though analyzing information, data, charts, pie charts, histograms etc. seems like trying to read japanese backwards to me, I found this video very very very appealing! Beautiful video graphics.

  3. Hey! I live in Ogden Utah! This is cool.

  4. Looks amazing, have signed up for the beta. Wonder how much it’ll cost when it’s released properly…

  5. This almost makes up for jetpacks not being standard operating equipment here in the 21st Century.