Custom Letter Pillow


Laura makes custom crocheted Pillows. They are approximately 15 inches tall and awesome. Ella’s head would explode if she had a red E. Just yesterday, she peeked her head out of her room (at bedtime) and said: “Mom, I need an E!” She ran into the living room and looked for an E in a puzzle we have.

Don’t you sometimes feel like you need an “E” or maybe an “M”?

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  1. Right now I’d quite like an H, a U, and a G. All in pink, definitely.

  2. A great present for my sister’s birthday as her name is Marié and she loves red! Thanks for the idea.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing my letter pillows. I have lots of fun making them. I hope to make every letter in the alphabet.

  4. @rachel
    So, you need a HUG in pink :))

  5. i need J and J