Michael Bierut Interview

Thursday, May 21, 2009, AIGA Philly hosted it’s third and final Community Choice Lecture Series with Pentagram partner, Michael Bierut. Prior to his lecture, Michael spoke with Philadelphia AIGA’s Craig Schlanser about what good design means in today’s economy, how he survived previous economic downturns, and design’s cultural impact.

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  1. His shirt looks like its made out of a huge sheet of stamps.

  2. I generally try not to put much stock in drooling over ‘design gods’ like Michael Bierut, Rick Valicenti, and others. Yet every time I see, hear, or read something from Michael Bierut it just becomes clearer to me that he REALLY GETS IT. He is so well spoken and so thoughtful. I’m glad to see a designer that can communicate so well verbally as well as visually.