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  1. My brain hurts now in such an awesome, awesome way.

  2. Google changed the way learn new things forever

  3. I don’t know why but this made me cry!

  4. This video is quite old, but still raises some interesting conversations each time its been displayed. Amazing work, my art teacher displayed this video to all of her classes and it changed the way many students viewed their future. Its a scary thing for a recent highschool graduate, makes you feel like you’r mentors are trying as best as they can, but even they don’t know what you’ll encounter or need in the future.

  5. Crap Video…………..Nothing is becoming obsolute ………..
    you still require baby sitters carpenters, painters…………….you still have to learn laws of motion before learning further ….imagine living without electricity , as millions of underprivileged do in 3rd world countries…………what use with your macs and pods ……….and where is google..?

  6. A bit Americentric, and don’t believe Sony’s whining about how many songs are downloaded while you watched this clip. But still fun; it’s just too bad Sony had to take the original authour’s idea and make it into a slick commercial product.

  7. Weird choice of music…

    If they chose a more “hopeful” tune for this video rather than “creepy doom and gloom,” I think it would leave people with a very different impression. I don’t really care one way or another. Its just interesting to think about how powerful music will change your attitude towards what you’re reading.