Plush Labbit


How can I not love a Plush Mustache Rabbit by Kidrobot? (Put a moustache or good typopgraphy on pretty much anything and I’ll love it, yes.)

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  1. You missed the best part.

    They have bunny buttholes!

    Is it wrong to find that overly adorable? No, no it is not.

  2. a good moustache is always welcome. we just had a moustache party for my best friends birthday. one of my favorite parties ever.

  3. i have wanted this and the small vinyl Labbit to go with my Ribeye lunny on my desk. My butcher toting, meat themed associate needs a mustachioed rabbit friend.

  4. I’m waaaay too slow with my intentions to share stuff. I saw those in the window of KidRobot yesterday morning, and immediately thought of you. They had several lined up in the window. very cute.

  5. Labbitlabbitlabbit :D *LOVE*

  6. ah ah : ) nice idea!!

  7. i feel the same way :)

  8. Hehe, you should take a look at this Norwegian company. They use a moustache as their main marketing ploy (Looks mysteriously similar to that in the picture).

    Their mantra “Alt er løsbart” means two things; Everything is “fake” moustache, and Everything is solveable.

  9. Cool, though my fav are still the small S&M bondage labbits.
    Oops. Was that out loud?

  10. how do you buy one???