Please put your socks in ‘S’.

ABC Dresser

Inspired by vintage printing blocks, this beautifully finished chest of 26 drawers is made from solid oak – the perfect place to file everything from A-Z! (Yes, this dresser made me gasp for air!)

(via minordetails and theartroom)

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  1. Oh wow. I wish I had thought of this one. Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. I love being ultra organized so this would fit me well, except that I’d need about $4000 first before I could order one.

  3. amazing! i wish i had the budget for this!

  4. i think i’ll sell my car and buy this. totally worth it.

  5. Oh wow. You really can’t get a good grasp on the size from the photos. I would buy that and store my wooden lettepress letters in there! Organized and alphabetized. Sweet.

  6. Finally! A place where I can store my Xylophone, Yoyo, and Zebra suit, all conveniently next to each other.

  7. I’m willing to give up half the furniture I already own for this one dresser. Perfect.

  8. “honey, where are my rocketship underpants?”

    “try the K drawer.”

    hahahaha, love it!

  9. Hello!

    My husband and I have been looking for this dresser! We saw it at a local furnishings store about 2 years ago, but we weren’t pregnant then. Well, now that we are, we went back and the manufacturer now only makes a much “cheesier” version. Can you tell us where we can get this? Your help would be greatly appreciated.