Sky Planter

sky planter

The Sky Planter allows you for the first time to grow plants upside down inside your home or office. Using a ground breaking internal reservoir system to feed water directly to the roots, means no water evaporates or drips. They also lock in the soil so there’s no mess. Made from ceramic.

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  1. plants naturally grow right side up, though — these pots must have been right side up for most of the growing and then turned over for the picture, right?

  2. WOW. I love these! I was just thinking about the Topsy Turvy planter the other day, and wishing there was something a little sleeker on the market. Perfect.

  3. @Tina: makes sense, plus I think plant roots ‘sense’ gravity ( so they grow toward the center of the earth. I seriously doubt if you can grow plants upside down this way…

  4. Ground breaking? Ground scorning!

  5. Oh nice. would be great for my kitchen window.

  6. Hi – I actually bought two about six weeks ago and found you can plant ready grown plants in them. I’ve got a Boston fern in one and an orchid in the other – both looking lush!

  7. it’s incredible!thanks

  8. this is wrong, wrong, wrong.