Coat Hanger Mamouk

Coat Hangers  wiredress

This Coat Hanger Mamouk by swiss wallstreet had me look. What an eyecatcher! And what a tremendous sculptural quality it has. (I wish they’d show a video of how the wires turn into a hanger.)

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  1. The same way the coat hanger turns into a coat hanger in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, presumably.

  2. Great! But how do you hang the coats in them?

  3. It took me a moment but now I get it. Nice!

  4. looks like the ball at the bottom hooks into the ceiling track and then the rod in the middle becomes the bottom of the “hanger” and the wire/ string become the angled sides of the hanger

  5. I like the Nendo Rokumaru coat hanger for De Padova too, it’s so cute.

  6. really nice.

    I like their storage line as well, sort of Dieter Rams / Vitsoe shelving system meet Herman Miller / Meridian metal file cabinets.