Dachshund Lamp

Dachshund Lamp

This life-size Dachshund adds a soft light wherever you put it – no bones about it! Replaceable bulb (just unscrew the hidden under-belly panel).

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  1. oh so cute!! i love little dachsunds!

  2. hi – i didn’t find it on the UOF website? do you know where it is edited?
    take care – marie

  3. I don’t see a cord, so is this piece battery operated? This piece would look amazing on a black end table or night stand. I would love to see this piece in a mocha room with black and white decor.


  4. It says “life-sized” but is it a life-sized mini or a standard?

  5. Click on the link (life size dachshun) and you’ll see a photo of the dog on a floor next to a chair with the cord showing. I’d love to buy one but I think my dachshund Simon might fall in love!

  6. It does have a pretty big cord, I have one! I got mine from designpublic.