How to ‘open’ a banana:

(via ifiwerethekeys)

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  1. O. M. G. How can peeling a banana blow my mind.

    What else are monkey’s doing the “right way” that we should be paying attention to?

  2. wow. learn something new every day!

  3. Great. I did, however, see this video earlier this week, on Facebook.

  4. I’ve been trying this the past couple days – it may be effective, but you can’t doing it without smushing a little bit of banana into your fingers. Which is weird in the workplace (where I eat most of my bananas)

    I’ve gone back to the traditional method. It may be a little clumsier, but keeps your hands clean.

    ps – it may sound like it, but I’m not at all a neat freak. Just don’t like slimy fingers at work / wasting napkins.

  5. Dude, put on some pants maybe.

  6. that is so simple, yet so mind blowing

  7. re: Lack of pants

    Uhhh, monkey boxers are crucial to the video.

  8. My girlfriend knows that trick. Come to think of it pretty much all my girlfriends knew that trick. Wives forget.

  9. I liked the monkey boxers too! Just glad his banana didn’t pop out!

  10. What a shame we humans have put ourselves at the centre of the universe. Think of all the other things we have to learn from animals and plants, if only we’d just listen.

  11. @ Libby Andrews. Hilarious. That particular clip would have been found on a different sort of site. :P

  12. A good example of the “AHHA” effect.
    So often the simplest solutions are the hardest to see.
    Good job on the video, short and to the point.
    Entertaining as life is at times.
    The monkey boxer shorts, his banana popping out?
    Makes me wonder about the audience more than anything.
    What’s on your minds other than “How to peel a Banana”?

  13. Is there a chance that this is a Chiquita viral?

  14. I’ve opened bananas that way for a while now after I read somewhere that opening from the bottom also avoids having the little stringy pieces on the sides of the banana.

  15. Learning something new everyday. :)

  16. Awesome, I saw this on last week. It is a great way to do it and works really well.

    check out, it is a funny blog too…

  17. OHHHH I am in heaven. Thank you T

  18. I am for years trying to teach people how to peel banana’s.
    It does not work.
    Up till know I was able to convince only a few people (amongst whom my own son Jankees and one chinese college in Chenyang.)
    People do not want to use this method.
    I am certain that it is the only right way to do it. It is more elegant and I am conviced that the banana is more tasty.

    Thank you very much for this nice video .
    Jan van Woezik

  19. Fabulous!~ Thanks so much for sharing that. It’s been driving me crazy my whole life that I couldn’t peel a banana good enough! LOL And I also got my laugh of the day from reading the other comments. Totally cracks me up that instead of just taking the suggestion and saying thank you people noticed what the guy was wearing.

  20. i refuse to change! its like opening a bag of crisps upside down, you just know something bad is going to happen!

  21. Well I’ll be damned, that is quite brilliant.

    @Richard, bananas grow upwards from the stem while on the tree; you’ve been opening them upside down all this time.

  22. I do too. Must teach my cat. He can’t even open his pouch of food. Need a banana to use as a smoothie for my spirulina. So monk-y-monks do have sleeves.

  23. Old news. I’ve known about this for many years.

    There’s much to learn from the animal kingdom. The hard part is paying attention.

    Thought for the day –

    The more you complain, the longer God lets you live.

  24. This is great! I knew this because this is how people open their bananas in the Philippines!

  25. LOL! I guess we can always learn something from the wild :)