Places Of Places


Hans-Ruedi Fricker is a friend and artist living in Trogen, Appenzell, the region in Switzerland where I grew up. I had the pleasure to enjoy a cup of coffee outside his amazingly idyllic farmhouse during my my vacation. He told me about all the interesting projects he has cooking, one of them Places Of Places.

The online living room project “” combines traditional artwork, networking strategies and space awareness. The picture transformed to a sign.

Here’s how it works: Hans-Ruedi offers typographic enameled metal signs for your home. Once you get the sign, he kindly asks you to take a picture of the sign so he can put it on his site. This gives the project a slightly voyeuristic element, allowing you to see where his art ends up.

A language block consists of 16 differently coloured signs, each 30 x 30 cm in size. Each “place” is available in 16 colours. So a block is made of 16 x 16 = 256 unique signs. A sign costs US$ 200.

I am ridiculously excited to soon be the proud owner of a red and white Place Of Choices sign.