What would you do if you had your own storefront?



At today’s CreativeMornings at FREITAG in Zurich, I asked the question “What would you do if you had your own storefront?” Here are (some of) the answers in a flickr set. (These tags are meant to help break the ice and facilitate a conversation!)

So, what about you? What would you do if you had your own storefront?

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  1. The flickr set is “private”

  2. Awesome question. I’m super interested in the responses, as I do have a storefront and I’m currently trying to think of creative ways to use it!

  3. As I said yesterday: I’d put one cardboard box in it.

  4. Come on in – I’ll listen to you!

    Komm rein – ich höre dir zu!

  5. Oops, my apologies, the images are now public.

  6. I would try to make it as clean and as minimal as possible :) it would also be orange!!!

  7. What are you, Easyjet?


  8. get a cat to lay in the window.

  9. i’d put a big typo/photographic poster in the window…

  10. I would tear away all the store-front-elements… And I would open up the space to the exterior… Bringing plants, light and air to the inside!

  11. Sell it! Burn it down! Run! I could never deal with the headaches of owning a storefront

    although, the suggestion to make it magnetic is pretty tempting

  12. i would glue lose change just out side the window for passersby