Impressions of Today’s CreativeMornings with Daniel Freitag

Today’s first Switzerland based CreativeMornings was a huge success. When I first approached FREITAG for hosting, I flat-out told them that I had no idea if people would actually show up. I know by now that the NYC events fill up quickly, but would I be able to gather a crowd in Zurich? The answer is: YES! We had over a 160 r.s.v.p’s and I’d say a good 150 showed up despite nasty rain. (Oh, swiss summer, where are you?)

Daniel Freitag, one of the co-founders of Freitag was our speaker and he was simply fantastic. He was flexible enough to spontaneously hold the presentation in English as it turned out that we had about 8 english-speaking only guests. (To all of you that didn’t come because we thought the event would be in swiss-german, I am very sorry!)

Daniel is a great presenter and was an overall gracious, humble host. He even gave a small group of us a tour of the Container Store nearby, as well their graphic design and prototyping atelier. All day I kept saying to G how impressed I was by Daniel’s warmth and generosity.

Below are a few visual impressions of the event. My fab cousin Thilo Hoffmann was so kind to tape the presentation and I will try to get it up asap.

The set up at the Freitag Factory could not have been any better. These guys are thorough. A *big* thank you to the Freitag team and Sascha Koeglmeier in particular who was simply a delight to organize this with. Everything was meticulously thought out and prepared – oh, so, swiss!

In his presentation Daniel was talking about their take on recontextualization. Take their bags made out of truck tarp and seat belts, their store built out of Containers as well their Truck Tarp Presentation Room.

Daniel Freitag presenting under the Truck Tarp ‘Tent’. Fantastic!

Daniel Freitag answering Oliver Reichenstein’s questions. Oliver, of Information Architects was our virtual guest dialing in from Tokyo. Oliver, it was a pleasure to have you!

Jens of Jung von Beck was our delightful breakfast-man! He showed up with two Lavazza espresso makers and lots of yummee bakery stuff – wheee! A big thank you to MailChimp and ROD Communications for sponsoring breakfast! I was particularly happy about the mountains of Gipfeli! :)

I was standing behind this shirt wearing CreativeMorning guest and was tempted to dial the number a few times.

How fantastic are these Freitag Benches? (not available for sale yet, unfortunately) I would love a few of these in our studio!

Here are all the photos of today’s event. Did you take pictures? If so, please consider adding them to our creativemornings group.

Did you attend today’s CreativeMornings? Did you write a post about it? Or do you have some thoughts/feedback? Write it in a comment below. Did you take some pictures?

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  1. Thank you so much for making this happen. Freitag and Swissmiss were such a powerful and creative combination. I hope we’ll have a follow up of the “Creative Mornings” sometimes.

  2. And here’s a post by @mmmatze in english about today’s CreativeMorning:

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  4. spectacular – merci viel mals for bringing the show to zurich.
    …I wonder how much interest there is in something more regular on this side of the pond?
    it would be a pity to see all the fanfare fade away :)

  5. Finally: “cradle to cradle”!

    read more:

  6. Freitag @ FREITAG – this was a great way to start the day and a thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring event. Thank you so much to all involved.

    I’m looking forward to the next Creative Mornings event here in Switzerland.


  7. Wonderful write-up by Robert Turrall: