A typographic map of Paris


After six months of research and a seven day trip to see the city in person, Mark Andrew Webber has spent the past two months carving an enormous linocut, typographic map of Paris. Beautiful!

(via veer/skinny)

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  1. What an amazing achievement!

  2. Okay, THAT? Is magnifique. Stunning. Facking cool if I could be so blunt.

  3. That takes dedication. Any word on when he’ll produce prints?

  4. Nice, that’s pretty impressive.

  5. Now that is amazing.

  6. This is amazing! Would love to see the prints

  7. He has other prints of Amsterdam on the site and will be printing the Paris one soon, I looked into it a bit when I was posting it on my blog awhile ago, since my wife loves Paris.

  8. That is absolutely Stunning – I would love a print, let me know when, where and how. I love typography and I absolutely love Paris. I LIKE IT A LOT! – Oh damn I just saw comment about Amsterdam one – I love Amsterdam too! Dilemma!!!

  9. I love his Amsterdam print (of course I do, I live here!). REALLY wanting it for my living room wall…

  10. This is amazing! I would love to see a print, as well as photos of him inking and stamping it!